As a family owned business the House of Ludington has stood the test of time. Constructed out of wood by E. Gaynor in 1865 the building was named the Gaynor House Hotel. In 1883 the building was purchased, torn down and rebuilt out of brick and renamed the New Ludington Hotel. It underwent expansions to the west, and east wings around 1910 to expand the building to 100 hotel rooms. 

Pat Hayes purchased the hotel in 1939, with his eccentric personality and obedience to the fine dining experience the house reached new levels of acclaim. While owned and operated by Mr. Hayes the hotel underwent renovations, the most notable was the glass elevator located in the front of the building. This addition to the building can still be seen today.

Suzell and Ed Eisenberger purchased the building in 1998 after it lay dormant for nearly two years. The Eisenbergers have continued renovating the building, while still keeping the vintage physique. Suzell has taken over the role as the chef, delivering exquisite meals. While Ed can be found greeting guests and ensuring an enjoyable experience for all. The hotel boasts 9 uniquely designed hotel rooms, some of which have stunning views of Lake Michigan. In addition to the evening dinner service, the building also accommodates larger functions such as holiday parties and weddings. 

The house is entering a new era, while the Eisenberger's have enjoyed their 19 years as stewards to the grand hotel, they are looking forward to retirement with family. The building will be repurposed, but the look and charm will remain intact. 

House of Ludington